John's Story

Comic books are serious business. They dominate Hollywood box offices, win Pulitzer prizes and you can even study them at University. The people involved in this field are among the most talented painters and illustrators working in the visual arts today.

Artist and writer John Higgins was just a boy when he first crossed paths with comics.

Little did he know then the impact they’d have on his life and career.  John would go on to work on two of the biggest graphic novels of all time – Watchmen and The Killing Joke – as well as the iconic British comic character Judge Dredd.

“While a great illustration almost inevitably tells a story, John's storytelling skills extend far beyond single images.”

Dave Gibbons

John Higgins career goes back over 40 years as a professional freelance artist, he is probably best known for his colour work on Watchmen. He was also involved in Before Watchmen, co-writing and illustrating Curse of the Crimson Corsair in 2012.

John self-published the first issue of the acclaimed comic-book Razorjack, in 1999 for which he was the sole creator, artist, writer and tea maker. Collected and reprinted in 2009 by Com.x and again in 2013 with new material, the latest collected edition of John’s creation Razorjack was published by Titan Books.

In 2015 he was commissioned to illustrate a special set of Royal Mail stamps ready for the 350th Anniversary of the Great fire of London in 2016. This award winning set of stamps designed by Chase Design was a prestigious career high,  bringing the comic style formate into the public mainstream with its concept and design.

John has worked as an artist, and sometimes writer, on such diverse characters as Judge Dredd, Batman, John Constantine and Jonah Hex. He has worked with DC comics for over 25 years, mainly at DC/Vertigo, with ‘Jacked‘ in 2016 written by Eric Kripke being his latest book with this publisher.

John spent the rest of 2016 writing and designing an autobiographical art book ‘Beyond Watchmen & Judge Dredd, the art of John Higgins‘ published by Liverpool University Press to coincide with a major retrospective exhibition of his work at the Victoria Gallery and Museum in Liverpool, which opened in March 2017 and continuing beyond October 2017.

“Just got John's new art book for his exhibition. It is brilliant!”

Dave Gibbons